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Sonata Arctica - Wildfire, part II: One With The Mountain

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The moment I will step aside, you’re ready for another ride
Walking in the cool night air without underwear
You have red light burning in your soul, I’ve seen the glow

In every dream I have I say: “I’m not in love with you”
But every day I say I do
You have messed with my head so many times
Forced me to love you


Galileo Galilei | Answer

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Galileo Galilei - Good Shoes

こわれる//The Novembers

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cinema staff - Shiroisabakunomarch

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Monday7s - Galileo Galilei

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Today it’s you’ve been born
The day I experienced
The day you cried
But that day has passed
Tomorrow will be this couple’s anniversary
The day you’ve been shot
The day we hang ourselves
But one day it will pass

These 19 years have been fun
Thank you for everything and I apologize
For leaving this rotten and ugly planet called earth
But from the bottom of my heart I can’t say I’m happy to say goodbye

Because I will disappear 10 seconds from now
On this first day that will be my last
I want to live without regrets
In 10 seconds
The sun will rise

Someone is crying somewhere
The hero didn’t make it in time
The villain ran when he won
I wonder if it’s okay?
Tomorrow is the day I will meet you again
Thank you god
I’m really grateful

Because I will disappear 10 seconds from now
On this first day that will be my last
Please don’t tell me hang in there
In 10 seconds

Please erase me after 10 seconds
On this first day that will be my last
Like a candle light burning out
In 10 seconds
The sun will rise


Song of the Day: “My World” - SPYAIR


-Monday Night Music-

-Song: Doudemoii-
-Artist: Galileo Galilei-
-Album: Parade-


Freud by Galileo Galilei


Baby I’m Sorry | B1A4

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フリーダム (freedom) by Galileo Galilei 

i love this band so much♥ This should be Enmas and ____ song -nods-

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